Stress-Free Lifestyles

Set goals; plain and simple. The goals you set for yourself in life will help improve your health through a stress-free lifestyle that only you can achieve. Stress is a killer. The more you stress, the more your health deteriorates.
According to, there are six health issues that stress can cause in your life:

1. Damages Brain Cells
2. Excess Stress Weakens Memory
3. Shrinking of the Brain
4. Clamping of Nerves
5. Increases the Risk of Heart Attacks
6. Causes Depression

I can tell you from experience, the more I stress, the more my psoriasis appears...the more I stress, the more my mind wanders, the more I stress, the more my family you get the picture?

Look folks, we only have one life. Let's take care of ourselves and determine what we can handle and what we can't.
Is your job too stressful? Look into doing something you're passionate about and make a plan. Is your family life too stressful? Look into making a schedule and sticking to it. Remember, a habit forms in two to four weeks, so stick with it and your life will simplify in no time. Do you have too much jammed into your schedule? Take a minute and eliminate those that are unnecessary and take some time off.

Ultimately, you are in control of your destiny. Are you doing what you love or are you doing what you feel forced to do? Remember, you only live once. Try to go out and volunteer or take the much needed vacation you have wanted for years. Long story short, enjoy your life and leave a legacy for those that will follow; not stress!


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