Green Paint Ideas for Your Home and Business

We have so many choices on choosing green products that are beyond our household cleaners now, especially paint. The first thing to check for is the amount of VOC's in the paint. VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compound, and although the word organic is used, it isn't always that safe. Some of the organic chemical compounds have high enough vapor pressures to rapidly vaporize and enter the earth's atmosphere, even under normal conditions. You need to look for Zero-VOC, low odor, ethylene glycol-free interior paints or even low VOC paint options are better.

Another great way to keep your painting project green is to remember about the tools you are using. You can find biodegradable paint pans and drop cloths on the market now, along with natural paintbrushes. If you already have your supplies from previous years, just use what you have and take good care of them so they will last many more years to come. Try to avoid using the plastic bags that are made for the rolling pan and either use foil or grocery bags you already have on hand from when you forgot your cloth bag (you did accidentally forget, right?). You can always clean the foil when done and recycle.

Of course, you also don't want to dump any excess paint on the ground or in sewers, as it could contaminate nearby waters. Check with your city or county codes on dumping procedures and if you just have a little paint left inside the can, let it dry completely before disposing.

Lastly, remember that overbuying any kind of paint is wasteful, so make sure you have an accurate measuring of all the rooms you choose to work on and buy just enough paint to complete them, with very little to store for touch ups.

For me, it's not just the environment that will thank you, but your respiratory system too. It's so nice to breathe easy in a freshly redone room. Sit down, have a great cup of tea and start entertaining in your new favorite space!


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